There are two stages in life of a person when they need care, the first one being when they are born and are a child they need care till they start walking and working on their own, secondly they need care at a time when they are in their old age. However, the care of the childhood is fixed in terms of its span of time but when we talk about the care of old age it is not fixed, sometimes people may need care after they cross 80 and sometimes they need care at the age of 60 too. The long term old age care is usually dependent upon the circumstances of the person.

Reasons of Need of Old Age Care[i]

When it comes to taking a look at the senior care in the long term there is not just the age factor that demands care, in fact at many instances there could be numerous other reasons too which may lead to the need of care in old age a few of which may include the following:

•     White a person in an adult age goes through a surgical procedure the need of the care is a must because they are unable to walk, stand or move on their own. They need assistance around them all the time which would help them and therefore this makes the need of the old age care a temporary one and as soon as a person recovers the need of the care eliminates.

•     Sometimes people suffer from certain illness and injury which could make them either too weak disable for sometime like fracture in any part of the body and therefore they need help with their daily tasks, to cater this all the need of the care may be required by people.

•     As the time passes on either due to the age factors and sometimes due to a loss of mental stability or different kinds of pain chronic diseases, people tend to lose their body and its balance and therefore need some or the other person to keep them moving, they need help in every aspect and therefore an attendant all the time is required by them.

•     People suffering from Alzheimer’s, dementia, loss of memory also tend to get helpless completely and they need some help and assistance all the time since they are no more in a position to do things on their own, therefore the long term care here plays an important role.

•     People who cross a certain age group also need someone around them to keep them busy wit their daily life they help them eat, change clothes, go at a different place, take a bath and also prepare food for them.

Kind of Long Term Senior Care[ii]

When it comes to taking a look at the aspect of senior care we may come across numerous options and areas where a person may require care. Therefore when we think of analyzing the kind of care one might need the following may fall under the different kinds:

•     Help in cooking food and carrying the daily chores of a person who is unable to do them on their own.

•     Assistance while leaving home from travelling or shopping scene they need help due to lack of balance and old age.

•     Hygiene is one of the most crucial and the most required task in terms of considering the senior care. As a person grows their ability mentally as well as physically diminishes and they might not be sound enough to care for their hygiene so bathing, cleaning and showers do need someone’s assistance for them.

Methods to Come Up With Long Term Care[iii]

There are numerous ways which may be considered to be opted for when it comes to taking a look at the different long term care options for the senior citizens, however when it comes to considering the different methods a few may include the following:

In House Care Assistance

Many people rather than leaving their homes tend to hire someone who could provide them a way to keep their care conducted without going anywhere. Many communities offer services of attendants who come over at home and offer their services of care which includes cooking for the old age person, cleaning, household chores and being with them all the time to keep a check on their needs and requirements.

Choice of Assisted Living

Assisted living does not constitute an in-house service but much closer to the kind of in-house service since a person leaves the house and visits to the assisted living community but is self dependent and has his own personal space to have hands on. The attendant looks after them in every possible way providing meals, cleaning and social interaction but they are not entirely depended upon anyone and may do things on their with a little help.

Adult Day Care Service

Like there are day care services for the children, similarly the day care services for adults also do exist; when it comes to taking look at these services we may find them very helpful choice of long terms care. People who need care get dropped at this day care in the morning and stay here throughout the day. The attendants present in their surroundings take care of them and there are many other old age people as well in the day care. As soon as the day ends, in the evening every person coming to the day care leaves and goes to their home and come back the next day.

Memory Care Service

Another very commonly approached service which is specially ceased for the people suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s since they lose their memories. When it comes to such patients the need of memory care is distinct from any other kind of care and therefore the level of service and the attendants are of trained setup that set schedules and organize the routine of the patients easily.

These series are getting common these days and people are considering them very seriously for the patients who need some sort of assistance or need long term or memory care.