There are numerous diseases that tend to prevail a lot among people and among them the common one nowadays especially among women is none other than osteoporosis. This bone disease has made the life of numerous women terrible and they do not have the capacity to carry out their daily life in peace. However, when it comes to considering the situation of osteoporosis the risk could be so high that at many instances even while coughing a bone may break and this amounts to be something fairly a big hassle to look after.

Causes of Osteoporosis[i]

Every disease that takes place in our body has a reason behind and when we think of the causes of different kinds of diseases a number of them may come across us in the form of the huge list. Similarly, when it comes to deal with the causes of osteoporosis as well we may have numerous causes to list down a few of which may include the following ones.

•     Our body has a process of bones in which the old bones tend to break and the new ones are formed, when we are at a young age the body makes new bones faster, but when we are moving towards the old age the process gets slower and sometimes it even stops which leads to lack of making of bone and the risk of osteoporosis increases.

•     People with a family history of osteoporosis are also subjected to having this disease developed in their bones, some people have either their siblings or mothers who have suffered from this disease and therefore their chance also increases.

•     Sometimes injuries in bone like fractures may also take place making the bones subjected to breaking and the osteoporosis is caused.

•     Extreme habit of smoking and alcohol consumption is also one of a major cause of making the bones weak and this then leads to the disease to develop.

•     There are many such people whose intake of calcium is very low when it comes to the time of taking, like after a certain age bracket our body stops taking calcium form milk or any other enriched product, therefore calcium intake in the young age is a must to avoid osteoporosis.

•     Hormonal imbalance, hyperthyroidism, amenorrhea in women at a young age is also responsible for the cause of osteoporosis since this kind of lacking may lead to damage of bone and the process of bone making also get disrupted.

•     Menopause is one of a very common cause of osteoporosis in women.

•     People suffering from diseases like cancer are also subjected to the cause of this disease since their chemotherapy sessions make them weak and in some or the other way have an impact of their bones which leads to cause trouble.

•     People who have an inactive lifestyle are also subjected to develop the condition of osteoporosis since they usually spend their time sitting and this makes their bones dull and weak, so even a single fracture may lead to osteoporosis in them.

Signs of Osteoporosis[ii]

When a person gets their hands on any kind of disease obviously, we don’t get to know what we are suffering from unless we come across a diagnosis or some symptoms. These symptoms and signs are basically those triggers which make us have an idea of what is happening inside us and they actually make us alarmed. Similarly, when it comes to taking a look at the symptoms and signs of the condition of osteoporosis there could be many but the few of them which actually are exactly suitable to draw a conclusion of this condition may include the following:

  1. Pain in Parts of Body Attached to Spine

The most affected area of body in the context of osteoporosis is none other than the spine, the spine is the most important and most crucial area of our body and when it comes to the condition of osteoporosis it is being affected the most and therefore the pain in neck and back turns out to be very common and constant all the time. People who are suffering from osteoporosis usually complain of having a constant pain in their back and necks and it increases if they carry out more than their daily activities.

  • Extremely Weak Bones

Osteoporosis is basically a condition which makes the bones weak and when this condition starts taking place in our body the main thing which shows that the condition exists is the extreme weakness of bones in the sense that even coughing may cause a fracture. Fracture may also occur in the usual circumstances but that happens when you fall from a height or you fall sharply enough for a fracture to be caused in a valid way. However, in case of osteoporosis a slightly bent may cause fracture.

  • Impact on Height and Posture

Another very frequent cause which triggers the presence of osteoporosis is the impact seen on the height starting to fall and the posture getting compressed. As we know that the major impact of osteoporosis is observed on the spinal cord of the body and therefore thus leads to a serious impact to cause on the height as well as posture of a person which makes them losing their balance as well later in life.

How to Prevent Osteoporosis?[iii]

If a person realizes that how important it is to prevent and prevent osteoporosis from taking place in the body and how easily we could do it if we take an action on the right time things may get easier. All we need to do is to bring about some changes in our lifestyle and the problem of osteoporosis may easily get resolved.

•     Increasing the intake of calcium and protein is one of the most important techniques to prevent this condition of bones. Intake of products rich in these two nutrients may be of much help like eggs, dairy products, nuts, soy, green leafy vegetables and much more.

•     Keeping a check on the levels of vitamin D is also something equally important; a person must keep their diet rich in the foods offering to be a source of vitamin D and other than that exposing oneself to sunlight is also equally important to maintain the right level of vitamin D in the body.

•     Incorporating exercise in our daily routine may also help in maintaining the right bone structure and so as it keeps them stiff.

The bone in our body features a structure of a honeycomb and due to osteoporosis the space in between the bones tend to get increases leading to the risk of fractures and other disabilities, therefore one must prevent this condition from taking place.