Bipolar is a disorder which counts to be a kind of mental condition and may have serious effect on the brain of a person and so as the lifestyle. However, when it comes to making an analysis of this condition we can conclude that a person who suffers from bipolar may face severe high and low in terms of mood swings and this leads to a chain of reactions varying from one another every now and then from the person who suffers. Sometimes the patients who suffer from bipolar may become uncontrollable especially when they are high however when they are on the low side of the mood they might remain calm and silent.

Reasons of Bipolar[i]

Ever disease is associated with a reason be it mental disease or be it a physical disease, similarly there are reasons of the occurrence of bipolar as well, a few such common reasons of bipolar may include the following:

  1. Genetic Disorder

Most of the diseases caused be they physical disease or any mental condition usually are related to the genetic history of a person. People who have a history of bipolar in their family and relatives are usually subjected to a higher level of risk to develop the condition of bipolar and therefore they inherit this condition from the elders.

  • Imbalances in Brain

Our brain is filled with numerous chemicals and the balance of these chemicals is optimum by nature, however due to many reasons these chemicals may get misbalanced and so the chance of developing this bipolar issue may increase with either the excessive increase of any chemical or by excessive decrease of any chemical.

  • Hormonal Problems

Hormones are very important to be kept in balance in order to keep the entire body in balance, however, in case even if a single hormone gets disrupt a direct effect is caused on the brain leading to increase the chances of bipolar.

  • Issues in Surrounding

Surroundings also have a serious impact on our brain and may lead to the development of the medical condition bipolar. People who are subjected to too much of stress or are too workaholic and don’t find time for their mental peace may have a chance to develop this mental condition. On the other hand, a loss of a loved one or any sort of trauma may also lead to being the cause of bipolar disease in many cases.

Signs of Bipolar[ii]

When it comes to making an assessment of the fact that whether a person is suffering from bipolar or not there could be two categories to consider, one being the high side called mania or hypomania and the other being depression oriented episodes of the person who suffers from bipolar.

  • Episode of Mania

•     A person when facing bipolar in terms of the higher side they will act in a pretty aggressive and active manner, they would jump, shout, throw things at their worst and will make and exaggerate everything by creating unusual episodes.

•     Their mind would continue working for hours and days and they will face lack of sleep and will become more talkative all the time.

•     The decision making capability of the people who suffer from bipolar also gets disrupted, they are unable to make their decisions properly when they tend to be on the hypomania side of the disease.

  • Episodes of Depressions

•     Showing no interest in any kind of activity, being too sad and restless, feeling of hopelessness is all a sign of depressive mood faced by a patient of bipolar.

•     Lack of focus and inability to concentrate is also one very common symptom observed in the patients who suffer from bipolar, since they are too depressed they are unable to make their mind work for different things.

•     People who suffer from episodes of depression in case of being bipolar tend to feel sleepy and fatigue all the time. Their mind constantly is working which makes them tired and exhausted due to the stress caused and this leads to too much of tiredness and fatigue and they lose their energy.

•     The feeling of being worthless and thoughts of being suicidal are also observed much commonly among people suffering from this condition.

Treating Bipolar Mental Condition[iii]

Like every diseases this mental condition needs to be dealt with and when it comes to dealing and treating the bipolar mental condition there are three most common strategies considered by the doctors.

•     Medications are the first and the foremost considerations of treating the condition of bipolar, when it comes to treating this disease many doctors prescribe medications associated with the disease followed by anti-depressants so that brain may work appropriate or the imbalances may get fulfilled.

•     On the other hand, a very common treatment which is also a very safety oriented kind of treatment amounts being therapy, there are numerous therapists these days working hard to deal with the issues of bipolar and they have successfully made many patients come out of the condition. These therapies reduce the risk of suicidal behavior and too much aggression among the patients since they are able to take everything out which they have in their minds by discussing it all with the therapist.

•     The last choice to go for is the hospitalization though less common but in worst cases when a person is totally out of control and no medications or therapies are working people may consider the usage of this last option being hospitalization which is involves some serious procedures and treatments.

Bipolar is getting very common these days and among every age group, even children at a very young age these days develop this condition. Despite of the fact that it could be genetic another major reason of this disease being too widespread is the level of stress among people these days, everyone is stressed and due to that brain damages are taking a toll and therefore disease like bipolar and other medical conditions turn out to be very common among people leading to severe life threats being caused.