Mental disorders these days are becoming much common and when we talk about them many could be common but many are of such kind that they tend to be less common but when they are caught to be present they could give a tough time in leaving the patient.

Schizophrenia is also one such disease which has been increasing with a pretty slow pace but it does exist and patients may find difficulty in getting rid of it. Schizophrenia is one such mental disorder where a person moves away from reality, everything gets affected be it in their behavior, their thinking and the way they feel.

Causes of Schizophrenia[i]

When we talk about the different mental diseases or when, we got to know about someone who tends to be suffering from a mental disease the most important question that clicks our mind is the thought of the cause of such disability. Similarly, when we talk about schizophrenia as well the very first thing that clicks our mind is the thought of the causes of schizophrenia.

1.   It Runs in the Family

A number of people who have a history of schizophrenia in the family may get the disease caused, mostly in numerous cases this is one of a very strong reason for having this kind of mental disorder.

2.   Lack of Nutrition in Womb

It has been reported in many instances, that in case if a child was affected by poor nutrition or any sort of viral infection while the mother was pregnant, the chances of schizophrenia tends to increase. Due to the lack of appropriate nutrition and infections the development of the child gets disturbed and many parts of the brain may get a misbalance leading to the development of this kind of mental condition later in life.

3.   Intake of Certain Drugs

Many people take numerous drugs which may be associated with the alteration of brain and this always tends to increase the risk of getting attacked with schizophrenia, on the other hand it has been observed that many people also get associated with this condition due to the intake of marijuana and alcohol at an extreme extent.

4.   Issues in Brain

Brian is the main game which either controls or is unable to control the body therefore any kind of mental disorder is associated with the brain in the first place. Similarly, when it comes to making an analysis of schizophrenia as well we may conclude the fact that issues in brain could also lead to the development of this kind of mental disorder. In many cases it has been reported that the increase of space between the cells in brain or the decrease in space between the memory cells could be one of a reason, other than that the lack of connection and loss of chemical in brain cells could also be a possible cause of getting a mental disorder like this. Brain problems are very play a significant role in the development of very kind of mental disorder.

Signs of Schizophrenia[ii]

When we talk about any disease we also need to know some ways through which we may identify and conclude that certain disease exists to a person. In the case of schizophrenia as well there are few signs and symptoms which must be kept in check and these may include the following:

•     Delusions are very common and the most apparent sign of schizophrenia, this means a person gets thoughts and has a behavior far away from the reality. They think that certain people like them, hate them or they think something bad is going to happen with them or maybe people hate them, harass them or are looking forward to harming them. Though their thoughts are never real and they have this in their mind.

•     Hallucination is also one of a very commonly observed symptom associated with this mental disease and hallucination is feeling, hearing or looking at something that doesn’t exist. People suffering from schizophrenia usually hear things that never exist.

•     Lack of response and disorganized attitude is also one of a common sign of schizophrenia observed in people; they usually feel disoriented to their goal and aim in life as well.

•     People who suffer from this kind of disease also tend to have difficulty in speaking appropriately they usually speak in a way which appears to be unable to be understood by others. Either they get stuck or they use meaningless words while they are speaking.

•     People suffering from schizophrenia also at their worst are unable to maintain an appropriate outlook and personality of theirs like they don’t care about their cleanliness, their dressing; their focus and they are even gradually losing their confidence while appealing in public, like inability to maintain eye contact with someone there are talking to.

What Could Happen if Schizophrenia Goes Untreated?[iii]

Every disease needs attention as so as treatment sometimes many diseases go unidentified and when they are diagnosed either it’s too late or people might themselves not be interested enough in treating them. Well, in case of schizophrenia as well we can always conclude that the impact in the longer run could be devastating therefore there is always a need to keep oneself ready for treatment or else the below provided for complications may take place:

•     Inability to work and study and this could lead to failure in life and at works place. If a person is unable to study he or she will feel de-motivated and would start losing confidence, similarly if there is an inability to work financial distress will be waiting at the next stop as a big hassle.

•     A person who touches the highest level of schizophrenia becomes too negative in life and therefore they are unable to socialize appropriately or mix among people, they start making themselves isolated and this could cause a big damage.

•     Severe depression is also a part and parcel of schizophrenia and in the state of depression chances of suicidal thoughts as well as suicide attempts appear to be something common.

Timely treatment and care of patients suffering from schizophrenia is a must so that nay risk factors may get eliminated and the mental condition also stabilizes.