When you had an eye exam and your eye specialist or optometrist or ophthalmologist given you an eyeglass prescription. You don’t know how to read it and it happens to everybody but he mentioned that either you are nearsighted or farsighted or astigmatism. And you thought that what does it mean OD, OS, SPH and CYL? The OD and OS are the Latin abbreviations for oculus dexter and oculus sinister. Which are termed as right eye and left eye respectively. The SPH means sphere which indicates the power of lens which is going to be used. CYL means cylinder which tells the amount of lens power for astigmatism.

There are many types of lenses used in prescription glasses depends on your eye conditions and doctor’s recommendations. They maybe anti-reflective, photochromic or progressive lenses. The only purpose is to give you a comfortable and a correct vision.

The prescription of contact lens and eyeglasses are different from each other. If you have a prescription of an eyeglass you cannot make a contact lens from it. It is because there will be no information you can extract for the contact lens.

It is vital for you to know that why prescription for contact lens and eyeglass is different from each other. It is because the eyeglasses are kept at some distance from the eye but contact lenses are placed directly with your eyes as you wear them. So the distance between eye and lens does matter.


The origin of the eyeglass is very ancient. No one knows exactly how and when eyeglasses were made at first. One thing we do know that now a days there is a wide range of eyeglasses is available in the markets. There are variety of eyeglasses available these days. You can customize as per your requirements.

Frame Materials[i]

In this modern era, with the advancement of the technology, the eyeglasses frames are too revolutionized with the passage of time. There are plenty of materials like modern plastics and different metals or the combination of both. Eyeglasses  frames are fabricated from plastic polymers and different types of metals like copper, nickel, brass, stainless steel and gold etc. other materials can be used depends on desired characteristics of the eyeglasses  and prescription.

Frame features may vary as per requirements for example for safety glasses one should require light weight and durable materials in order to prevent the damages. Health conditions like skin allergy does matter. In this case on should require hypoallergenic materials like stainless steel, titanium or other materials like these to avoid skin conditions.

Materials which are used to make eyeglasses should be flexible which can survive in any condition. The flexibility of the material minimizes the possibility of breakage of the frame.

Some eyeglasses have the characteristics so that we can change the colors and style of the frames accordingly. In this, lens will be same as the doctor prescribed but design can be changed through different components.

Nose pads are the essential part of a frame. The design and material does matter in order to maintain the comfort and the contact between frame and nose. Nose pads really maintains the position of your frame from the eyes. Alignment of frame also depends on the nose pads. If one of them is loose then frame will be tilted on one side. If the material is hard then it will slip through your nose in sweaty conditions.

Frame Styles[ii]

Eyeglasses have become more stylish and trendy these days. They have become a fashion accessory. Many fans of fashion designers buy the designer glasses according to the trend. And they have become a status symbol these days. People buy frames like other designer clothes, shoes and hand bags. They select style, design and color according to their wardrobe.

Designer emblems, multi colors, variety of materials and composition of different materials are famous frame styles in these days. People also like precious stones their frames and customize them accordingly. Rimless style is popular other than the normal frames.

Men Eyeglasses

Men eyeglasses are bold and bulky than women. Because their face structures is bold and harder than women. Men prefer classy designs with extra flair and designer emblem these days. They also prefer classical designer logos and different patterns carved on a frame.

Women Eyeglasses

Though these days contact lens are more popular among women. They are trendy these days and they have to match the lens color and pattern according to their wardrobe. But many women prefer eyeglasses too. Cat eye style is popular among women. Cutout designs and other designer glasses are used to maintain overall attire. They are light in weight other than men eyeglasses.

Unisex Eyeglasses

There are plenty of frame designs which can be worn by both men and women. There are many rimless designs both can wear. These designs are minimalistic according to the true nature of a glass. So on cannot say that either it is men or women glasses.

Kids’ Eyeglasses

Kid’s eyeglasses are more vibrant and colorful other than men and women. Manufacturers make them more durable so that they cannot be easily broke and cost of replacements can be minimized for parents.

Advance Eyeglasses

With the advancement in technology the eyeglasses industry rapidly growing and changing their products accordingly. The lens has become more thin, light and durable. Many other materials are being used other than glass like high index plastic lenses. They are similar to the conventional lenses but lighter and thinner than glass. They are coated to prevent the eyes from ultra violet radiations coming from the sun.


The timeless aviator style is the most famous style in sunglasses designs. Sunglasses are the essential part of your wardrobe these days. They are more common these days for outdoor settings. Protection as well as style is the main concern for the wearers these days. It I because everyone in conscious about U/V rays. These days there are many prescription lenses which are being used in sunglasses to maintain the style and comfort.

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