Human body is made up of numerous nutrients and other things that are being deposited in a balanced way naturally but this natural balance may get disrupted at any time with or without the negligence of a person. Sometimes we either intake something which is not healthy for us too much and sometimes deficiencies in body lead to the imbalance of the nutrients. This strategy is pretty much common with cholesterol levels since they are essential to maintain and even a single move off the track may lead to some serious disruptions.

Cholesterol is of two kinds, the good cholesterol and bad cholesterol and both of these are present in our body however the optimum balance is a must to maintain a healthy body. Good cholesterol is the right kind of fat which our body needs to have however, over the bad cholesterol mixes when we intake the junk food or foods that contain a high amount of fats.

Reasons of Imbalance of Cholesterol[i]

When it comes to taking an insight to the way this level of cholesterol may get imbalanced and leads a person to the trouble of diseases, however a few such reason may include the below suggested ones:

•     The excessive intake of fatty food may lead to the increase of bad cholesterol in the body and that bad cholesterol overcomes the benefit of the good one that ends up creating issues of cholesterol in the body. This fat may be taken in the form of too much meat, cheese, biscuits, cake, fried items, fast food, processed food and dairy products. This bad cholesterol is basically a waxed form of fat substance that goes into the body and sticks in the arteries.

•     Obesity is one of the common cholesterol causes that lead to the building up of bad cholesterol as the fatty feces on the body tend to accumulate blocking the blood circulation.

•     Some people have a genetic tendency that their cholesterol level gets imbalanced and the bad cholesterol tends to take a hold in their body, many people are genetically subjected to the cholesterol issues despite of the fact that they control their food intake.

•     Many hormonal imbalances that may be caused due to poly cystic ovarian syndrome also lead to the increase of bad cholesterol in the body.

•     Diabetics is also one condition which causes the cholesterol level in the body to get disrupted much.

Foods that Helps Lowering Cholesterol Levels[ii]

When it comes to keeping a check and balance on your cholesterol levels after getting your lab tests done all you need to search for is the ways you may get yourself cholesterol treatment. Well, there could be numerous medications people use for the purpose of doing away with this hassle of cholesterol but there are numerous such food items too that help cutting down the level of cholesterol in the body.

•     Food items which are rich in fiber are a great source of cutting down the bad cholesterol from the body and these may include oats, flax seed, barley, whole grains and much more.

•     Increase in vegetable intake like okra and egg plant may also be a great source of lowering the cholesterol levels on the other hand green leafy vegetables are of great help when it comes to keeping a check and balance on cholesterol.

•     Fish a is a great source of health and when it comes to cutting down the bad cholesterol different variety of fish may be used as a must in your meals to get a healthy level of cholesterol in your body.

Foods that Increase Bad Cholesterol[iii]

As there are foods that help you cut down the bad cholesterol out of your body at the same time there are food items that tend to increase the level of bad cholesterol and leads to be something disastrous for you, so the food items you shall avoid may include the following:

•     Dairy products possessing full cream richness like full cream milk, full cream yogurt, ice-creams, cheese is all not at all a healthy option for your body.

•     Red meat is also one of a very common trigger for the high levels of cholesterol in the body that causes a serious disruption.

•     Baked products like biscuits, croissants, buns, cake, pastries are also rich in injecting your body with the bad cholesterol.

•     People who consume margarine and hydrogenated oils are also at a risk of developing cholesterol problems.

Risks Associated with High Levels of Cholesterol[iv]

Any disease that comes and attacks your body always keeps you associated with either symptoms of risk, however in case of cholesterol the risk are pretty much higher since there are no cholesterol symptoms commonly observed but the risks could be a real troublemaker for people.

•     One of the most common issues associated with the people who are suffering from the high levels of cholesterol is the risk of getting troubled with the heart diseases; this could include heart attacks, angina, pain in the chest, shortness of breath, blockage of arteries and what not. Sometimes things could worsen so much that a person might need to get a bypass surgery done.

•     People having high levels of cholesterols are also at a risk of stroke, stroke occurs because when the arteries are blocked the blood is unable to reach the brain properly and this leads to the increased risk of stroke. The symptoms of stroke may include too much of dizziness, lightheadedness, chances of paralysis and it could even be fatal.

•     Lastly, the highest risk associated with the high level of cholesterol is the chance of heart attack, since the arteries are blocked the pumping of blood to the heart may get disrupted and this causes lack of oxygen to transmit to the heart as well leading to heart attack.

High levels of cholesterol are worst because they also increase the level of hypertension and also the blood pressure gets high when a person suffers from high level of cholesterol, therefore an appropriate balance must be maintained by keeping the lifestyle healthy and eating healthy.