Multiple sclerosis is a kind of disease which affects the brain of a person and its functionality. The nerve fibers are surrounded by an outer shell myelin and the immune system of our body may affect that shell leading to multiple sclerosis to take place. This disease where affects the brain also has an impact on the spinal cord and also in the eyes which tends to disrupt the vision of the eye as well.

The damage caused by multiple sclerosis is very serious; it basically interrupts the functioning of brain which makes the brain unable to send messages to the parts of the body to move or to do any task. This damage is long term damage and when it comes to treating it people get therapies but it only slows down.

Causes of Multiple Sclerosis[i]

When it comes to identifying the causes of multiple sclerosis the doctors may appear to have a vague opinion about the reasons through which it may occur however a few conclusions drawn may include the following:

•     Smoking

Smoking is considered to be one of a very common reason of 90 percent of diseases and among them multiple sclerosis is also one of them and tends to occur when a person smokes a lot. Basically smoking is a pushing factor to cause multiple sclerosis when the nerves of the brain are weak as it causes damage to them and this lead to development of the disease.

•     Genetic Condition

Multiple sclerosis may also take place when a person has a history of having this disease in family, if any of the siblings or parents or been blood related relatives have suffered from multiple sclerosis; this condition has a tendency to pass on then.

•     Viral Infection

The damage cause by the attack of immune system is actually one of a primary reasons of multiple sclerosis and since the viral infections always trigger the immune system therefore the risk of multiple sclerosis increases when a high level of viral infection may take place.

•     Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin D is also one of a very important nutrient in our body and when it comes to taking an intake of this nutrient we may get it from taking either the supplements or the best and the natural source is sunlight. However, as the deficiency of vitamin D affects the immune system this in return attacks the nerves of the brain and lead to the cause of multiple sclerosis.

Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis[ii]

Multiple sclerosis is a brain damaging disease and therefore it directly impacts the function of brain, however, the most common signs and symptoms of the multiple sclerosis may include the following:

•     When the brain is unable to send a message to the other parts of the body, there is trouble for the other organs to perform, for instance a person might not be able to walk, talk or move because the message from the brain gets interrupted.

•     Fatigue is also one of the very usual symptom of multiple sclerosis, a person suffering from this disease always feels tired and drowsy.

•     The body of the person who suffers from multiple sclerosis gets numb all the time and the feeling of tingling occurs due to lack of message travelling from the brain to the body.

•     Depression is also one of a main cause of multiple sclerosis, the lack of function leads to feeling of sadness and anxiety.

•     Since the people suffering from multiple sclerosis have issues with the brain function, the signal to urinate and bladder control also disrupts and it becomes difficult for a person to control these actions.

•     Lack of focus and loss of memory is also one of a very apparent reason which is caused by multiple sclerosis.

Treating Multiple Sclerosis[iii]

Multiple sclerosis is a kind of disease which when once attacks a person may lead to the damage which may stay for a longer period of time. However, until now no such treatment has been discovered which makes a person do away with multiple sclerosis. However, a few treatments which may help reducing the impact or slowing down the process of the increase in multiple sclerosis may include the below suggested options:

•     Exercise is one of a very suitable therapy to reduce the negative impact on the daily routine of a person who tends to possess the condition of multiple sclerosis. The different physical therapies under the observation of an experienced therapist always provides for a way out to make the body movement close to normal these therapies basically bring about a person back on the track of their daily life routines. Since the body gets too numb and movements get difficult many therapists also make the use of different aid for the purpose of mobility which also prove being helpful.

•     The suffering of multiple sclerosis may also lead to the stiffness of muscles and they need something to keep them relaxed or else the pain get increased every now and then. Different muscle relaxant may be used to keep the muscles relaxed, this is not going to stop multiple sclerosis but it might help in reducing the pain caused by muscle extraction due to the condition.

•     Medications that may be used as a secondary way out to help reduce depression, or the supplements to eliminate fatigue may be used by people in order to minimize the negative impacts caused by multiple sclerosis however, these medications also will be only a way to minimize the issues a person might be facing due to multiple sclerosis.

The best approach is to keep oneself healthy and adopt a physical activity, also keeping the vitamin D intact and quitting the habit of smoking might act as a perfect precautionary measure to avoid the development of multiple sclerosis which is a serious condition to trouble a person in life. This condition may occur at any age however, the most common age bracket lies between the age of 15 to 60 and this condition is diagnosed by MRI or some lab tests.