Psoriasis is a very rare skin disease which makes the skin dull and patchy. Psoriasis leads to the growth of cells being too quick and the faster these cells grow the more is the lump like look found on the different areas of skin which turn red and make the appearance of the person filled with scaly skin. These patches may also crack down, and due to inflammation they may cause pain and bleeding.

However, when it comes to taking a look at this condition we may find it very rare and not everyone faces it but once this condition attaches to a person there seems no way out as the only thing in this case is reduction of symptoms to some extent only. This condition is usually found to be developed among people on areas of the body like hands, face, feet, neck and scalp of the head.

Causes of Psoriasis[i]

When it comes to taking a look at the causes of this disease which is also one of a very commonly thought question by people a few such reasons may include the below suggested one, however until now drawing a conclusion of the exact causes of this disease is something still awaited by doctors.

Immune System of a Person

Immune system plays a very significant role in our lives and when it comes to taking a look at the way we take it so lightly we must think twice because you never know when and what could attack over it. Similarly, the issue of psoriasis may also take place when the immune system gets attacked wrongly. The white blood cells of the body sometimes make a mistake and attack the skin cells, as soon as these skin cells are attacked by the white blood cells they tend to multiply at a faster pace and this excessive growth tends to get visible on the skin.

Genetic Impact

In many cases, it has been observed that people who have a history of psoriasis in their family are at a higher risk of developing this condition and this could also be one reason a person might get this disease. The closer the family member is to a person by way of the blood relation the higher is the risk of developing this disease psoriasis.

Symptoms of Psoriasis[ii]

When it comes to making a line of identification of psoriasis we can see that not everyone tends to realize that they are suffering from this condition at an early stage. Usually the conditions tend to appear after a long time when the condition has already developed a lot. However, a few signs and symptoms of the development of psoriasis may include the following:

•     The very first symptom of the development of the psoriasis condition is the one that appears on your skin, one may get red patches with the silvery scaling all over the area which may vary from being either scalp, anywhere on the hands, face or feet. This is the very first and the most common and apparent sign of the condition when it has developed.

•     As these cells tend to increase, the dryness on the skin also increases and leads to the formation of cracks which tends to shed blood.

•     The areas of the body that are affected by this disease are subjected to the condition of burning and inflammation and therefore it causes serious pain and discomforts to the person who is suffering form it.

•     The area around the nails and joints tends to get rigged and swollen and the pain and discomfort starts to develop.

Precautions While Suffering from Psoriasis[iii]

When it comes to taking a look at different disease we know this thing very well that many of them may get triggered at a higher pace with a few things and when such situations are avoided to take place from one may keep the impact of that particular disease at a lower level.

•     Stress is one of the most common is due to prevailing in our society these days and triggers about 70 percent of diseases among people. However, the same thing applies here as well if you stress levels go up the flares and patches on your skin due to the psoriasis also tend to increase and lead to make the skin worst.

•     Consuming alcohol in a higher volume is also one of a very common reason which leads to the development of itching and inflammation and this result in making the development and progress of the disease move quicker.

•     Injury may affect skin and since when a person suffers from psoriasis the skin gets disrupted that leads to cause cuts and scratches easily compared to the absence of this condition.

•     Smoking is also one of a very common cause of making the situation go worse associated with psoriasis.

•     Viral infections disrupt the immune system and this disease is associated with the immune symptom as well, therefore these viral infections may also increase the severity of the disease significantly.

Related Health Disease with Psoriasis[iv]

We all know this thing very well that the development of one disease is linked to the development of another disease and therefore when it comes to psoriasis as well there could be numerous diseases that may come along with this condition a few of which may include the following and you must keep a check on them:

•     The very first thing that comes with this disease is the excessive increase in weight of the person, people who suffer from psoriasis naturally become less active and this leads to obesity in them.

•     High blood pressure is also one of common linked problems which are faced by people who have been attacked by this disease.

•     People suffering from psoriasis are at a risk of developing the higher chances of heart problems, medications and treatments of psoriasis may lead to the development of heart problems and this may include shortness of breath, chest pain, blockage of arteries and much more.

•     Since the blood pressure, insulin and the entire immune system of the body gets disturbed with this condition there is a risk of developing several metabolic and hormonal issues as well.

Psoriasis is a serious condition and may trouble a person seriously, it affects physically as well as mentally to a person and therefore precautions must be taken for prevention.