We all know this thing very well that cancer has been spreading among people with a speed of bullet, in the past few years almost every other person claims to suffer from cancer and the kind may vary from one person to the other. However, when it now comes to taking a look at the analysis of which kind of cancer is the most common one, the lung cancer appears to be at the top of the list.

Lung cancer is a kind of cancer that disrupts the functioning of the lungs and so as the process of inhaling and exhaling gets disturbed. Through lungs, we breathe, we take in oxygen and we give out carbon dioxide and hence the process of life which is breathing that amounts to be the most crucial one appears to be accomplished. So, this organ can never be ignored and neither the role played by its functionality.

What Causes Lung Cancer?[i]

As we have understood from numerous researches that among all the other kinds of cancers be it prostrate, ovary or breast cancers, the most common kind is lung cancer and this kind of cancer may be caused because of several reasons a few of which may include the following:

•     Smoking is one of the most common causes of lung cancer and people who smoke a lot may be subjected to a higher risk of lung cancer. However, if you stop smoking the risk of cancer might reduce.

•     Even if you are not smoking directly, being a passive smoker may also lead to the chances of increase in the lung cancer, many people do not smoke on their own, but they live with someone who smokes a lot and the fumes travel to their own lungs which leads to the increase in the chances of lung cancer.

•     Polluted air which is being exposed to substances like uranium may also lead to the cause of lung cancer since this air is harmful and when a person breathes it is inhaled which leads to getting into lung and attack it.

•     People who work in factories where strong substances and gases are being used and released respectively are also at a risk to developing serious lung cancer since they stay in that environment for almost the entire day and inhale too much of the harmful gas.

•     Lung cancer may also be caused as a genetic disease, if a person has a history of parents, siblings or other close relatives suffering from lung cancer then the risk of having one may increase like anything and is also very common to be caused.

•     Smoke that comes out of vehicles and tend to pollute the environment is also one of a very common cause of lung cancer, the fumes released by vehicles has been equipped with different chemicals and these chemicals may result in causing cancers when inhaled by anyone.

What to Expect from Lung Cancer?[ii]

When a person suffers from lung cancers there could be numerous issues to be faced these complications lead to slow killing of the body and may include the following issues:

•     As the cancer keeps on growing in the lungs, it starts to block the air passage in the lungs and this leads to shortness of breath, this shortness of breath makes things much difficult for a person and also at many instances this cancer makes fluid to collect in the air passage and a blockage is caused.

•     People who suffer from lung cancer also end up coughing with blood; this is one of a very frequently observed complication associated with lung cancer.

•     As the time passes on lung cancer may become painful, the cancer spreads through the entire lung area and starts moving towards bones and these bones turn out to become pretty much painful.

What are the Signs of Lung Cancer?[iii]

Like every disease, lung cancer is also associated with numerous symptoms and when it comes to taking a look at the different lung cancer symptoms a few may include the following:

•     Consistent cough is one of the most common symptoms associated with the lung cancer, when a person starts coughing excessively a physical examination appears to be a must to rule out lung cancer.

•     As the cancer starts growing the most initial symptom a person might face is shortness of breath, this condition develops due to the blockage of the air passage and lead to difficulty in inhaling and exhaling.

•     Pain in chest occurs when the cancer starts spreading to bones and causes them to get weaker day by day.

•     Loss of appetite and loss of weight is a part and parcel of cancer no matter which kind of cancer a person suffers from it turns out to be something common with cancers.

•     People who suffer from cancer suffer from loss of energy, the cancer starts eating their body up and this make them lose their entire energy, on the other hand since they are also losing their appetite their body is not even able to make more energy.

How to Prevent Lung Cancer?[iv]

Provided that people take care of their surroundings and manage the life in a healthy way, they may be able to get themselves to stay away from the lung cancer. A few such precautions which may prove to be important when it comes to lung cancer may include the following:

•     The very first thing and the main root cause of cancer is smoking, so stop smoking if you do, even if you don’t make people around you stop smoke and if they don’t realize you must start avoiding the places which tend to be accumulated with cigarette smoke.

•     Make sure you follow the precautionary measures laid down by your employer in the factory where toxic chemicals are being used for the purpose of production, keep your face masked to avoid inhaling the harmful fumes.

•     Increase the intake of healthy food, fruit and vegetables also increase your workout as both of these things help in releasing toxins from the body.

Keeping oneself protected is always very important because diseases like cancer never leave you and end up taking your lives so it is better to be safe than sorry.

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