Health is a blessing of GOD which has no alternative. We should keep ourselves healthy by any means necessary. If you aren’t conscious about health you may suffer at some point in your life. To avoid unhealthy conditions keep yourself warm and active. There are many ways in which you can make yourself healthy like by eating healthy and hygienic food, avoid smoking, maintaining your diet and by exercising regularly.

Eating healthy food is one thing but to control your diet is another thing. You have to maintain your body fitness. People who exercise maintain their body throughout their life, remains healthy and active. First of all how could you keep your body fit and in shape? Gym is your answer, and for gym you will have required certain equipment.

People often go to fancy gyms to make their body in shape and healthy. These days with the improvement in technology and in medical sciences, there are many ways to keep your body healthy and active. But often people grow sick of the hustle, bustle and stained sweaty walls of the gyms. They wanted to exercise in their own environment. For this, you can make your own gym at your home by using necessary equipment.


If you are fed up of paying commercial gyms and don’t want to pay dense amount of money from your salary over the period and you want to work out more often. Then you have no excuse make a gym at your home. It is not impossible as one could think. It is as easy as you buy grocery from a store. So just go and buy some essential gym equipment as we are going to tell you.


Building your own home gym can be more convenient as you pay for some fancy boutique gyms. You can save your time and energy as well. Every single day if you have to go to the gym you can quit that effort. It can save your hours of time over the week. You can save hundreds and thousands of dollars annually. Do whatever in your home gym, at any time, no matter how loud you listen to your favorite music. Nobody is going to interfere in your exercise anymore. You will never have to wait you do for someone to finish using an equipment. You can turn your favorite space in your home into your own fitness playground.

Home Gym Equipment

At first people think that it is going to cost a fortune to buy gym equipment. In market there are plenty of equipment which are more expensive and efficient for the exercise. But it is totally unnecessary you buy those fancy equipment which everyone told you. The main priority should be to gain muscle and strength which is not so expensive. You do not need every equipment you often use in gym. You just have to buy some key pieces of equipment. Another important thing in buying is your budget and atmosphere where you are going to place your equipment at home. Some of the essential equipment are below:

  • Bar bell and plate set is most important piece of equipment for the gym. It is the key foundation of all of your workouts. It covers almost all of the basic exercises like for legs front squat and back squat, for back barbell row and upright row and for shoulders like military press behind the neck presses.
  • Bench is the key equipment on which you can do bar bell sets. It should be of good quality to keep its sturdiness. For buying a bench always consider the incline and decline functionality of it.
  • Rack is an important part of the gym equipment. It can be the biggest piece of equipment in your home gym. So you should have to consider the necessary space at home. You may think that because of the space issue you can bypass the idea of buying it. But you do not have any choice if you want workout for heavier legs, chest and shoulder.
  • Flooring is the fundamental and important aspect of planning a gym at home. It will be required to protect your property from the heavy equipment damages. It also helps to reduce the sound level of the equipment. You should go for commercial grade flooring which will last long and keep you go without any hurdle.
  • Kettlebells can be the alternative for dumbbells. Some of people will not agree with this but these are more versatile piece of equipment in a gym. It can replicate most of your exercises which you do with dumbbells. These are functional and maintains the momentum of your workout. Provides more variations of workout by keeping less space rather than ordinary dumbbells.
  • Weighted jump ropes can be an alternative to your daily jog. It has been said in a study that ten minutes of jumping a rope can be equivalent to your thirty minutes of jogging.
  • Balance ball can be effective to maintain and challenge your body posture. You can do your workouts for core muscles and it is a great equipment for stretching.
  • Spin bike can be helpful to those who do not want jog outside for any reason. Sometimes you have to stay home with your family but you can do your workout on it easily. It is an enjoyable equipment. You can watch your favorite TV show, listening to your favorite music and make a phone call while doing your workout on a spin bike.
  • Punch bag can be a very stress relieving equipment for you. You have to be sure for the space where you are going to keep it so you can move it in any direction. Avoid keep any other equipment along with the punch bag.
  • Ab roller is also known as an ab wheel. It is small in size and you can easily keep it anywhere in your home. You can do an ab exercise with it called abdominal rollout.