Healthy life is a blessing and even a single disease a person encounters may trouble them completely for the entire life. These days the issue of high blood pressure is getting much common, previously it was only limited to the extent of old aged individuals and that to much occasionally but now for a number of people it has been a common routine and also tends to take place among the young generation as well. When it comes to considering this condition of high blood pressure the main thing that clicks the minds associated with it is the hypertension. These days hypertension is very common due to the increasing level of stress among people and so as it has made the issue of blood pressure a common one among almost every individual out there.

Causes of High Blood Pressure[i]

When we talk about a disease, the first thing that clicks our mind is the cause of that disease, similarly in this case as well when it comes to thinking about the blood pressure causes in order to identify the root cause of the problem is very important so that it may be treated in a relevant manner. In case of blood pressure it becomes difficult for the heart to pump blood out of a person’s body and this leads to the increase in pressure, it could block the arteries and may lead to heart attack and strokes.

  • Hypertension

When it comes to taking an insight to the blood pressure causes the very first thing on the list being the primary reason is none other than hypertension. A number of people tend to get stressed quickly, or with the age they feel more panicked about everything all this leads to increase in blood pressure and since hypertension becomes a habit, high blood pressure also becomes a routine in many cases.

  • Inherited Condition

In many cases, research has proven that blood pressure may get caused when you have some people in your family associated with you as a blood relative has developed this condition. Commonly when parents have been suffering from high blood pressure their children even suffer from the same leading to make this condition genetic.

  • Changes in Body

When the body or functioning of different organs tends to change, people may develop the condition of high blood pressure. A number of people have been observed to be developing this condition since even if a minor change occurs in the body people do get associated with this condition. The hormonal changes, ups and downs in the organs especially essential organs like lungs and kidney may also cause the development of blood pressure issues and these could be the ones that stay for a long period of time.

  • Lifestyle Problems

Having a routine and appropriate lifestyle is very common for maintaining a healthy and balance condition, when you have an unhealthy life style issues like blood pressure might get on your way. Too much of the weight gain, lack of sleep, lack of physical activity is also one of a very common reason that the person may develop high blood pressure issues and gets old before age.

What are the Signs of High Blood Pressure?[ii]

When we talk about any disease we also think of the different signs and symptoms that give us a signal that particular condition exists in a person. Similarly when it comes to taking a look at the blood pressure signs it could be a difficult thing to identify that a person suffers from high blood pressure since the symptoms are so casual that it might get difficult to realize that these are blood pressure symptoms.

It is mostly recommended by numerous doctors that a person must always keep their blood pressure monitored in ordinary circumstances as well either once or twice a week so that in case if such condition exists it is being caught and dealt with on a timely basis. However, when it comes to the thought of looking for common symptoms that may arise as a result of blood pressure it may include the following:

•     Headache is a very common symptom of blood pressure and it brings with itself problems in vision and also swelling over eyes due to increasing stress levels.

•     A number of people also complain about having severe and sharp pain in the chest which is followed by shortness of breath.

•     While passing urine, people suffering from severe issues of blood pressure do also complain about blood flowing, this could be one of the most serious conditions.

•     Dizziness, nausea and vomiting are also the most common symptoms of high blood pressure.

Treating High Blood Pressure[iii]

Having high blood pressure is not something that could be taken lightly because in worst cases one may suffer serious heart attacks and strokes too and this condition could be fatal therefore immediate treatment is a must the moment you get to know that you are suffering from the blood pressure issues.

When a person ignores the condition of high blood pressure it gradually keeps on increasing and when it reaches and crosses the boundary the nerve in the brain may get damaged and brain hemorrhage might occur. All this could be disastrous and therefore timely treatments are a must.

  • Treating through Medications

People who suffer from high blood pressure issued commonly get treated with medications; these medications are prescribed by a relevant doctor after getting a look at the condition of patients and also identifying the root cause of the increase in blood pressure. Some people get high blood pressure due to accumulation of fluid and sodium so medications that help releasing the fluid and sodium from the body are being prescribed. However, on the other hand many people get high blood pressure due to hyper active blood vessels and medications to relax these vessels are being prescribed by doctors.

  • Treating Through Home Remedies

Along with medications many people also prefer considering the home remedies to get rid of the high blood pressure issues so that they may in the longer run eliminate the usage of these medicines a few such home remedies may include the following:

•     A number of people change their diet and increase the intake of fruit and vegetables in their diet which leads to bringing the blood pressure down.

•     They increase their workout and physical activity so that they may get active and this is also a very ideal way to bring down your levels of blood pressure.

•     Stress management through therapies and massage may also help reducing the blood pressure.

Keeping blood pressure in control is something very important and must be considered serious and an active treatment shall be taken for a better health.